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    Sauvignon Blanc North Coast Little Sister, 2022

    Halleck Vineyard

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About our California Sauvignon Blanc

In 2002, we were judged #1 Pinot noir in the United States for the first crop from Halleck Vineyard Estate, harvested in 2001. This gave us the street-cred to make any wine we chose. I hoped to make a Sancerre. I fell in love with Sancerre as a young man. It is a French wine of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, grown in the village of Sancerre, of the Loire Valley.

If you want to discover a startlingly complex white wine that offers the perfect blend of crisp acidity, tropical notes, and herbaceous green flavors, try our California Sauvignon Blanc. Our Halleck Vineyard Little Sister Sauvignon Blanc has been judged “Best in Class” by Sunset Magazine, and it’s won Gold and Double Gold medals at numerous competitions. We invite you to experience the award-winning taste of this refreshingly complex Sancerre-style wine today.

Sauvignon Blanc was our very first white wine varietal at Halleck Vineyard, and it remains one of our favorite wines that we sell. Nestled in the cool Russian River Valley climate, our vineyard is home to the ideal terrior for producing a stunning glass of Sauvignon Blanc wine. Each bottle of our Sauvignon Blanc that you buy delivers a fresh taste that lingers lightly on the tongue, with subtle fruit flavors evoking sensations of a fresh summer afternoon. 

The bottles you can order online directly from our family vineyard are both refreshingly affordable and extremely versatile for food pairing. 

Why Sauvignon Blanc is first in our book

In a region known for sultry Pinot Noir and rich California Chardonnay, our incredible Sauvignon Blanc is a breath of fresh air. This highly acidic white wine was first conceived in Bordeaux, France, but it’s truly found a home at Halleck Vineyard in Sonoma County, where it strikes a beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity.   

If you’re wondering “Is Sauvignon Blanc sweet?”, the answer is “It depends on the bottle!” While the majority of Sauvignon Blanc is made in a dry or off-dry style, it can actually be formulated with any amount of sweetness. When you buy California Sauvignon Blanc from our collection, however, you can expect a dry style (similar to our dry White Zinfandel and Gewurztraminer wines). You’ll still find a trace of sweetness in this classic white wine, as our Sauvginon Blanc’s tropical fruit qualities are enough to balance out its bold acidity.

The Sauv Blancs that inspired our bottles hail from Loire Valley, France. They have a distinct crispness and flinty minerality that sets them apart from Sauvignons originating from other regions. This style of Sauv Blanc — known as Sancerre — is the type we fell in love with at Halleck. Thus, we pride ourselves on bringing a Sancerre flair to California Sauvignon Blanc.

Try our Little Sister California Sauvignon Blanc 

We named our Pinot Noir after our three sons. Since we don’t have a daughter of our own, we chose the name “Little Sister” to represent a female sibling for our sons. Our Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County offers hints of classic citrus and flowers, along with sea breeze salinity and earthy green notes. As is common with this style, bright acidity gives way to a flinty minerality that’s effortlessly complex. 

This cool-region Sauvignon Blanc ferments in steel tanks and spends 20 percent of its time in neutral oak containers. With no malolactic fermentation present, its pure fruit qualities are evident. Halleck Vineyard wines are noted for their long, lingering finishes, and our Little Sister is no different. Bearing tart pineapple and passion fruit flavors, this California Sauvignon Blanc is ideal for pairing with light dishes and sunny California days. 

Our Sauvignon Blanc’s accessible price point is an attractive enhancement to our offerings at Halleck — but the complexity present in each sip of this white wine proves that it can stand on its own. Our debut Sauvignon offers the perfect balance between outstanding quality, drinkability, and approachability. If you’d like to get to know our Little Sister, you can buy a bottle here or book a wine tasting in Sonoma County at our cozy vineyard estate home. We’re always happy to open our doors to share our one-of-a-kind California Sauvignon Blanc.

What are the typical flavor profiles of California Sauvignon Blanc?

California Sauvignon Blanc, also known as Sauv Blanc, captivates the palate with its vibrant and diverse flavor profile. Its citrusy notes of grapefruit and zesty nuances awaken the senses, creating an invigorating experience. These bright flavors are beautifully complemented by subtle herbal undertones, adding layers of complexity to the wine. In addition, the ripe fruit characteristics found in California Sauvignon Blanc, such as melon and tropical fruits, contribute to its luscious and refreshing nature.

The terroir and winemaking techniques in California play a pivotal role in shaping the characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc. The diverse geography, ranging from coastal regions to inland valleys, allows for a range of microclimates that influence the grapes' development. These unique growing conditions, combined with meticulous winemaking practices, result in wines that exhibit a harmonious balance of bright acidity and a touch of roundness on the palate.

California Sauv Blanc alifornia's winemakers take great pride in crafting exceptional Sauvignon Blanc. With numerous acclaimed brands and wineries, the region has become a hub for fine wines. From renowned estates to boutique producers, the commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every bottle. Whether it's a family-owned chateau or an avant-garde brand, California offers a wealth of options for Sauvignon Blanc enthusiasts.

For those with dietary preferences, it's worth noting that California Sauvignon Blanc is often gluten-free, making it a suitable choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities. When it comes to food pairings, this versatile wine thrives alongside an array of dishes. It complements the delicate flavors of salmon, the brininess of oysters, or the freshness of asparagus. Its lively acidity cuts through rich and fatty fish, enhancing the overall dining experience. Furthermore, the bright and refreshing nature of California Sauvignon Blanc makes it an excellent match for a variety of cheeses, further amplifying the flavors on the palate.

As we explore the world of Sauvignon Blanc, it's important to note that California is just one of the many regions producing this extraordinary wine. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have their own unique expressions, showcasing distinct terroirs and winemaking styles. From the acclaimed Marlborough region of New Zealand, with its signature zest and tropical flavors, to the earthy and mineral-driven Sauvignon Blancs of the Loire Valley in France, there is an abundance of regional diversity to explore.

California Sauvignon Blanc Profile

California Sauv Blanc is a wine of remarkable characteristics and versatility. Its flavors encompass the brightness of grapefruit, the freshness of herbs, and the richness of ripe fruits. With its