Turkish Wine Tour Adventure

Join Ross Halleck for a trip of a lifetime: The Republic of Türkiye!




$1,000.00 per person

Date and Time:

October 2024 - 1h

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October 2024
Final Dates TBD

The Republic of Turkey (Türkiye) has stood as a bridge between the East and West for millennia and is one of the earliest permanently settled regions in the world. Hence one of the very first wine-growing regions.

We'll enjoy a stay in Istanbul with time to explore its world-famous Grand Bazaar, the sprawling marketplace, comprised of many smaller suqs, among the largest and oldest in the world. Istanbul is replete with historic sites, gorgeous architecture, and amazing food along the Bosporus.

Cappadocia, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the site of ancient underground cities that have been inhabited for thousands of years. It is a place of stunning beauty, with underground grottos for swimming as well as the world-famous Fairy Chimneys that mark its other-worldly landscape.

The village of Konya hosts the Shrine of Jalal al-Din Rumi. If unfamiliar, Rumi was a Sufi sheikh (teacher) whose mystical themes represent the most widely read poetry in the world today! His work is timeless, inspiring, and exalting. It’s worth reading in preparation for this entire trip.

Konya leads us to Fethiye, a coastal town on the Aegean Sea where we will board our private Turkish gulet, a twin-masted sailing yacht to carry us for a week along the Turquoise Coast for adventure. We’ll disembark at Uria, a quaint fishing village and culinary mecca.

We will visit the ancient sites Ephesus and Troy on the coast, before returning to Istanbul for our flights home.

This trip will host 12 people and span 2 weeks. Guests will be exclusively Inner Circle members.

We consistently gather a group of like-spirited travelers.

Space is limited. Please email ross@halleckvineyard.com for more details.


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Ross Halleck provided the vision and passion behind Halleck Vineyard. He embarked upon his wine career unconventionally. He founded Halleck, Inc. in 1980 as one of the preeminent brand and marketing agencies in Silicon Valley.

Pursuing personal interests, Ross focused on both high technology and wine, maintaining offices in Palo Alto and Sebastopol, CA.

Companies such as HP, Apple, Beaulieu Vineyard, St. Supery Vineyards, Kendall-Jackson, Iron Horse Vineyards and Jordan Winery worked with Halleck to enhance their brands.

Ross moved to Sonoma County in 1991 with Jennifer to develop a Pinot Noir vineyard in the Sonoma Coast region. Once married, Ross and Jennifer dedicated their efforts in the vineyard to putting their future children through college. Planting in 1993, the first harvest was in 1999.

Now divorced, Ross and Jennifer and have redefined family, continuing to work harmoniously in the winery and in coaching their sons.

Ross shepherds the spirit of the earth into every glass of Halleck Vineyard wine. He brings business acumen and sensitivity, fueled by passion. He continues to drive the marketing of Halleck Vineyard, along with crafting the wines and hosting wine tastings at the Halleck Vineyard Estate.

Ross and Jennifer are the parents of three sons; he is now focused on his singular career of Halleck Vineyard.