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Pinot Noir Russian River The Farm Vineyards, 2009

Pinot Noir Russian River The Farm Vineyards, 2009

Halleck Vineyard

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Medium dark red brick color with a nose of black cherries, herbs, vanilla and earth, floral and spice. Luscious, textural, bright with good acidity. Ripe cherry and plum fruit with a long finish of cherries and herbs. 

We have been making wine from this two acre vineyard since its very first harvest. Along with our Estate Grown, it represents a pillar in our Pinot Noir selection. 

Originally used for blending in our early Three Sons Cuvee, in 2005 we realized that the vineyard was special. We pulled the finest fruit from the limited vines and made our first The Farm Vineyard designated wine. Since then, every year this vineyard represents our best Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. We are thrilled to offer it. We are the only winery to ever make wine from this outstanding spot.


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Deep dark ruby, in color and with a black cherry nose mixed with spice, elements of white pepper, vanilla, clove and a delightful sensuality that speaks of cherry, with hints of strawberry. It has balanced and bright acidity with polished high notes of cherry, yielding to fine-grained tannins, superb structure, crispness and subtle forest floor in the mid palate. The acidity carries into the finish combining sweet fruit with earth and white pepper to give a long, luxurious finish.

Fermentation Method

These grapes were picked at sunrise, hand-sorted and destemmed then cold soaked for 5 days before going through whole berry fermentation and receiving 2 punch-downs per day. Fermentation took approximately 12-16 days in an open top 5 ton fermentation tank and the wine was then racked to barrels.


Barrel Program

30% new French Oak, 30% 1 yr., 40% older (Remond, Cadus, Magrenan, primarily). Wine remained in barrel for 9 months with one racking at 5 months during blending.

Pinot Noir Russian River The Farm Vineyards, 2009

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