Wine as Plant Medicine

A Ceremony


$150.00 per person

Date and Time:

By Season: 4/16, 6/19, 9/24, 1/14/25 - 2h

About this experience

Wednesday, June 19th
6:30 p.m.

Followed by a light repast

Wine is integral to the human experience. The discovery in 2017 of a clay shard containing remnants of wine dating 10,000 years suggests it may have been central to the realm of the shaman, spiritual practitioner, or healer. It compels us to look at wine differently. 

An entheogen is a substance of plant origin that is ingested to produce a nonordinary state of consciousness for spiritual purposes. Words broken down tell powerful stories: “en” denotes inside; “theo” signifies God; and “gen” means generate, or activate. Hence, an entheogen is a substance that activates the God within.

Mesopotamia, the birth of Civilization, takes us back only 7000 years. Tracking wine from Ancient Greece, 6500 years ago, through its ubiquitous presence in Judaism, 4000 yrs. ago, in Ancient Egypt, 3500 years ago, Dionysianism, Christianity, and even Sufism, a mystical sect of Islam, guides us to look at wine as plant medicine, as ancient wisdom, a transformative, early entheogen.

Wine offers the potential to connect us:

  • to each other

  • realms beyond

  • and the subtler realms within. 

This intimates that wine can be a key in healing ourselves and our world.

Join us at Halleck Vineyard in exploring this path.

We are offering a guided journey into these subtler realms potentiated by wine as plant-medicine. These journeys will be officiated by a seasoned shaman, Jens Jarvey, who has spent decades learning and teaching a broad spectrum of entheogens, including psilocybin, ayahuasca, San Pedro and a range of mystical plants throughout North, Central and South America. 

Jens is an extraordinary vocalist and musician. He will take us on this journey, not only employing wine, but cacao, song, prayer and meditation. This will be a first. So we are welcoming a small number of people to embark on our first journey together with our complements. 

Your Host

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Jens Jarvie is a talented musician who brings spirit into song through a wide array of diverse instrumentation. Whether it’s transcendental drumming, eclectic groove-scapes, ecstatic chanting/Kirtan, meditative ambience, or singing out in song he offers a contemplative message through his heartfelt melodies. Jens has been a student of non-dual spirituality and earth based spirituality for the past 15 years. Throughout his journey of finding the truth within he has always used music and song as a way to integrate and inspire a positive lifestyle of heart opening transformation through uplifting lyrics and driving rhythms. Jens is passionate in his desire to create a planetary community that supports health and well-being for all sentient beings. Jens brings embodiment to the eternal Om that resounds throughout time and space with no beginning nor end.