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Rock & Roll Cruise

Rock & Roll Cruise
March 25-30, 2019. Join us for Music and Mirth on the Caribbean!

Last year was our second cruise with Celebrity and Time Life. It was a blast!

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This photo is of ELO. Yes, we were upfront! Always!!

Our Halleck Vineyard group is treated to VIP status. We board the ship with the bands, meet them early, and have immediate access to our cabins. We are treated to reserved seats for every concert. We enjoy the private clubs and restaurants so can escape the crowd when desired. I host two vintner events, including a gorgeous tasting in the main dining room and an intimate vintner dinner in one of the private restaurants. The ship staff is gracious and always wanting to please.

See Boz Skaggs, ELO, Foriegner, Grand Funk Railroad, War, and many more!

If you haven't cruised, be aware: there are many add-ons sold onboard. Some are important. WiFi access is extra, but critical in texting whereabouts onboard and plans. Drink packages are a great deal compared to alacarte. We do drink:) I will provide wine, but cocktails and beers are fun throughout the day and in the concerts. Also water!! We take lots of photos with the photographers. I loved the shots and purchased a package with our friends. And I went SCUBA diving at port!

By adding the code HALLECK, you get a nice discount from the cruise line. Please come! The more, the merrier!! Book passage here!

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