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Intro Welcome 3-Pack

Intro Welcome 3-Pack
Enjoy the finest wines in the world

Welcome to Halleck Vineyard! As a family artisan winery, we make a selection of award winning wines we love to drink. This selection of three wines is a "handshake," introducing you to our world of world-class craftmanship, extraordinary flavor, and unique style. 

Our Three Sons Cuvee, Russian River Valley, Pinot Noir is a classic. It offers a hat-tip to Burgundy with it's suggestion of earthiness, but it's a perfect balance of dark cherry fruit notes, earth and spice.

Our Little Sister Sauvignon Blanc was judged the best in North America last year by Sunset Magazine. It's like a rich, crisp Sancerre, with notes of citrus, bright minerality, and hints of a sea breeze.

The Hillside Cuvee, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is a perfect counterpoint to our Three Sons. Rather than earthiness, grounded in a forest, the Hillside is bright red fruit, like pomegranate or fresh cranberries, with rich minerality. It's a total winner that you are sure to love.

These three represent the perfect introduction to our community. Welcome!

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