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Haas Vineyard Pinot Noir and Tuscan Blend Olive Oil Pairing

Haas Vineyard Pinot Noir and Tuscan Blend Olive Oil Pairing

A beautiful pairing of Haas Vineyard Pinot Noir and Sebastopol-grown-and-produced organic olive oil!

  • 2018 Haas Vineyard Pinot Noir, 750ml Beautiful garnet color, jewel-like in its luster. Aromas of bright red cherry and dry leaves greet you, leading into white pepper and clove. This wine is unctuous, filling your mouth with silky flavor and texture front, middle and back.
  • Gold Ridge Tuscan Blend Organic Olive Oil, 250ml  Shows aromas of freshly cut hay with hints of Herbes de Provence. Flavors of green apple, fresh pine nut and a hint of green almond. Medium bodied with a light spicy finish. 
  • Halleck Vineyard Professional Double-Hinged Wine Key
  • Haas-Tuscan Blend Recipe Card

Everything wrapped in gold tissue!

Why we paired them:
The fruit and silkiness of this wine are balanced by the herbal flavors in this exceptional olive oil. The spicy finish blends beautifully with the wine to carry it further and longer.

Best way to pair them: 

  • Pour oil into a small bowl.  Dip a piece of baguette, sweet or sour, into the oil.
  • Prepare your favorite pasta. Drizzle a generous measure of olive oil with a bit of sea salt and a touch of garlic. Add fresh tomatoes and spinach to make it a meal. Or with this oil, basil is a great complement.


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