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2013 Clone 828 Pinot Noir Library Set

2013 Clone 828 Pinot Noir Library Set
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This is our encore introduction for Clone 828. First released in 2006, it was a knock-out. It has taken us this long to find another vineyard of this quality. And it is less than a mile from our Estate Vineyard, right in our neighborhood!

Of all our current wines, this is the most like Burgundy in character. It leads with those wonderful aromas the French call "savage" (pronounced sah-vahj') or "animal" (ah-nee-mahl'). It literally means, "untamed", and is an aroma I covet in Burgundy and Pinot Noir, when I can find it. In this case it is delicate and beautifully balanced with the red fruit scents. I describe it as "wet sex". 

It delivers with many layers, leading with red fruits like pomegranate and fresh cranberry that you expect from the Sonoma Coast. The mid-palate is loaded with minerals and earth tones. It eases gracefully to the back where white pepper and other exotic spices carry on into a long langorous finish that lingers for minutes.

Single Vineyard/Single Clone! A Sonoma Coast Star!!

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