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2007 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir Library Set

2007 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir Library Set
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Hallberg Apple Orchard was once our favorite place to stock up on freshly squeezed apple juice in the early 1990s.   Goldridgepinot, now Emeritus, planted a new vineyard right on this very spot off Highway 116 near downtown Sebastopol called Hallberg Vineyard.   This vineyard represents a full circle for us as we continue to purchase and enjoy the product of this extraordinary property into the next generation.

Tasting Notes November 2016 (as written by participants to the 2016 Harvest Party)

Color: Ruby/garnet, deep and bright

Nose: Berry mineral tones

Mouthfeel: Luscious, textural, big

Flavor: Very integrated. Balance of earth and fruit.  Long finish. Big and stunning!


Tasted Feb. 2015

Color: Deep luminescent purple and garnet.

Nose: Hints of cherry and deep earthiness

Flavors: Rich mouthfeel of cherry and dark fruits with great acids and refined tannins. Long finish of earth, spice and fruit. Truly stunning development and expression of Russian River Valley,

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