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2007 Estate Grown Pinot Noir Case

2007 Estate Grown Pinot Noir Case
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2007 Estate Grown Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

Red fruit of fresh cranberry, raspberry and pomegranate with crisp minerality!

Tasting Notes November 2016 (as written by participants to the 2016 Harvest Party)

Color: Clear and bright tones of ruby

Nose: Classic Pinot nose of fruit and mineral tones

Mouthfeel: Luscious, textural

Flavor: Bright acids of fresh cranberry! Still. This will last another 10 years, no prob. Earthy and fruity with a lingering aftertaste of sunshine.

Tasted Feb. 2015

Color: Pure red to ruby translucence. Classic Burgundy look and feel.

Nose: Bright pomegranate to cranberry with the earthiness of wet-sex. In France, they say, "ah-nee-mahl´".

Flavors: Brilliant!! Red fruit of fresh cranberry, raspberry and pomegranate with crisp minerality mid-palate. Deep complement of earthiness and fine tannins for deep complexity. Long spicy finish of white pepper, fruit and earth combined

Our own vineyard, this one acre site sits at 9oo ft. atop the rolling hills southwest of Sebastopol not far from the ocean’s influence.  Planted in 1994 in clones 115, 667, and 777, the vines are often surrounded in fog and its yields are usually low, about 1-1.5 tons per acre.  This small amount of fruit however is highly concentrated and has that luscious mouthfeel that Sonoma Coast Pinots
embrace.  Every year the entire vineyard is picked by family and friends who come from all over the world to share in the experience and to dine on our deck overlooking the Russian River Valley.  65 cases produced.

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