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2007 Estate Grown Pinot Noir Library Set

2007 Estate Grown Pinot Noir Library Set
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Tasting Notes November 2016 (as written by participants to the 2016 Harvest Party)

Color: Clear and bright tones of ruby

Nose: Classic Pinot nose of fruit and mineral tones

Mouthfeel: Luscious, textural

Flavor: Bright acids of fresh cranberry! Still. This will last another 10 years, no prob. Earthy and fruity with a lingering aftertaste of sunshine.

Tasted Feb. 2015

Color: Pure red to ruby translucence. Classic Burgundy look and feel.

Nose: Bright pomegranate to cranberry with earthiness. 

Flavors: Brilliant!! Red fruit of fresh cranberry, raspberry and pomegranate with crisp minerality mid-palate. Deep complement of earthiness and fine tannins for deep complexity. Long spicy finish of white pepper, fruit and earth combined

65 cases produced

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